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1 core
512 MB
10 GB (SATA)
10 Mbps
From: 18.12 BGN /month
E3-1230v3 Xeon
2 x 500 GB
Unlimited Bandwidth
From: 189.20 BGN /month
Server Administration
Installation and Collocation
Data migration
Technical Support On Demand
From: 110.00 BGN /month
Prices are VAT exclusive.

Features & Benefits

Elasticity and Scalability

Build your Cloud servers with the parameters you want. Quickly and easily add resources when you need. The platform changes dynamically based on you requirements.


Our clients pay only for what they really use. Decide yourself the scale of your resources. Reduce unnecessary expenses on IT infrastructure and maintenance.

Short Time to Market

Reduce the time needed to start or expand your business. CLOUDWARE saves days, weeks, and months to reach your target markets and meet your clients' needs before your competitors.

Self-service and access from anywhere

Manage your services quickly and easily anywhere in the world via an intuitive web-based control panel. Change the servers configuration or delegate access to new users with just a few clicks.

Exceptional Reliability and Security

We guarantee full service availability in a meticulous SLA. Cloudware is located in Sofia Data Center and uses Neterra network to provide high-speed and incredibly reliable redundant connection.

Low Initial Investment

Start with minimal investment. Eliminate the need for expensive equipment and get rid of the operating costs for cooling, electricity, security and hardware maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cloud Server?

Cloud servers are flexible and extremely reliable virtual servers with Linux, Windows or FreeBSD operating system. Servers are available and manageable over the Internet. Xen virtualization technology is used and allows resources of one powerful physical server to be divided into few virtual servers running independently.


The data is stored on redundant SAN storage devices that ensure their high protection and enables Cloud servers migration in real time with no interruptions.


Physical servers are monitored constantly and in case of a problem with one of them, Cloud servers running on it are migrated automatically to another one. Cloud server resources could be dynamically changed anytime.

How Cloud is different from Virtual private servers (VPS)?

Very often virtualization is mistaken for cloud computing. Unfortunately there are companies that offer and promote their services on the market as cloud and mislead the clients because they only provide virtualization with software management tools. 


Virtualization or dividing a physical server into multiple logical servers is just a single technology and small part of building a real cloud environment. Dozens of technologies are used to provide the performance of the entire system as a living organism in which different components interact. The whole system in the cloud is managed and monitored by control servers that take automated actions when certain events occur. 


Secure and extremely reliable cloud servers have high level of performance. No SPOF (Single Point Of Failure) exists in the cloud environment because all components, devices and network routes are duplicated and redundant.

What is the difference between Cloud servers and dedicated servers?

From consumer point of view there is no difference – both Cloud and physical servers enable you to install and configure all kinds of software with no restrictions. Dedicated servers sometimes need couple days to be set up while Cloud servers are available in minutes and you can configure them yourself on the web. 


Main actions are automated and require just few mouse clicks in a web-based control panel to be completed. Great benefit is that you can change Cloud server parameters, so you could add or drop resources instantly and anytime depending on your current needs. 


In terms of reliability, SPOF (Single Point Of Failure) exists in dedicated servers and if a component fails, the server will stop running until the component is replaced. In Cloudware all server components, devices and network routes are duplicated and redundant and in case of a problem your servers and all the services running on them will continue processing with no interruptions.   

Do I get charged for the network traffic of the Cloud servers?

Unlike most other providers, we offer you unlimited network traffic.


Is it possible to change Cloud server parameters?

Yes, you could change all cloud server parameters. You could add and drop resources depending on your individual needs. All changes are performed quickly and easily via intuitive web-based control panel.  


What is Virtual Central Processing Unit (vCPU)?

Virtual Central Processing Units (vCPU) are logical processors used in Cloud servers. Cloudware uses powerful server processors Intel® Xeon® E5 to provide maximum productivity.


Each vCPU has productivity of 0.6 GHz and unlike other providers of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) cloud services, we do not resell capacity and your resources are completely guaranteed. When the system is loaded at 100% you could increase the productivity up to 4 times compared to what you have originally acquired or up to 2.4 GHz per processor core.   


What is the virtualization software that Cloudware uses?

We use Xen for virtualization of the hypervisors. This enables multiple computer operating systems – Linux, Windows and Free BSD to run simultaneously on completely isolated Cloud servers. Xen is a project for open source virtualization software, which has been developed for more than 10 years and now the world largest cloud platforms are based on Xen.

Do I get backup of the Cloud servers?

Cloudware provides backup only on the infrastructure on which the standard Cloud servers run. You can set backup of all your data through an additional option – “Backup Space”, part of the configuration panel on our website. The option is included by default in some of the configurations.   

This option enables you to set automatic backups yourself. A snapshot of the entire Cloud server is made at a specific time period that you have previously set. You can recover your Cloud servers anytime using those snapshots. You could also create templates and use them to install other Cloud servers. 

If I have paid for the option Backup Space, how and how often backups are performed?

It depends on your current needs. You can set up the backup frequency via the web based control panel by your services management tool. In case you need assistance, please contact us and we will get it done for you.  

What are the maximum resources I can get on a server?

The maximum resources, with which you can configure a Cloud server through the system, are 16 processor cores (vCPU), 16GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, 500 GB backup storage space and 10 IP addresses. In case you need more resources, please contact us and will configure an individual solution for you.   


What Cloud Server is best for the web, mail or file server?

Parameters on each cloud server depend on many factors. For example, software requirements, data volume, number of users that will access and use the services running on that server.


Contact us for a free consultation on what solution to choose, best for your needs and your project requirements. 

Could I add more IPv4 addresses to my Cloud server?

You can buy and configure additional IPv4 addresses to your Cloud servers anytime. The maximum amount of available IPv4 addresses at a server depends on selected configuration. If you need more IPv4 addresses, please contact us.  

Could I install Microsoft Windows Server operating system on the Cloud servers?

Cloudware (Neterra) is Microsoft licensed SPLA partner. We are authorized to lease server operating systems, Microsoft Windows Server, and other software (for example, Microsoft Exchange Server) for your cloud servers on monthly basis. 


Unlike standard licensing model this approach provides great flexibility and an option to change the number and licenses type you need on monthly basis.

Could I install operating system from my own CD?

Cloudware works with Linux, Windows and FreeBSD OS templates which are optimized for the cloud environment. Option for installing OS from your own disk is not available. We offer all common operating systems.


In case you need operating system which is not available, please contact us and we will add it to the list when possible. 

Could I reinstall the Cloud servers and how?

Yes, you do it quickly and easily via the “Reinstall” option in the web-based control panel at the Cloud server management section. Please consider that when reinstall of the operating system is completed, all data on the server will be deleted!   


Cloud optimized OS templates

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